Day at Giethoorn during your vacation or weekend away at Villapark de Weerribben

A day at Giethoorn is a real must during your holiday or weekend away at our park. In Giethoorn center you will find numerous shops and the nicest restaurants on the long village canal. It's not for nothing that Giethoorn is called the Dutch Venice. This beautiful water village full of history and beautiful nature is one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. Discovering the village by water is a must. So put a cruise on your to do list!

Taste the past in picturesque Giethoorn

Around 1600, there was plenty of digging for peat in Giethoorn, creating small lakes. The residents then constructed channels to transport the peat by boat. Little by little a beautiful water village was created. It is not for nothing that Giethoorn is now called the Venice of the North. The best way to discover Giethoorn is through the countless waters, canals and lakes. You can rent a boat yourself at one of the many boat rental companies or you can opt for a boat trip through Giethoorn.
The tour boat is one of the possibilities to discover Giethoorn, the various canals and the water-rich environment with its flora and fauna. You can book various boat trips through our restaurant:

Giethoorn cruises

A 2-hour cruise on the lake 't Bovenwijde and through nature reserve "de Wieden". A tour where you will be accompanied by a skipper / guide through the historic village center, over the lake 't BovenALE and through nature reserve "de Wieden". Hereby extensive is told about the flora and fauna and history of this beautiful area.

A short (er) round trip that takes you through the cozy village center of Giethoorn and across the lake the Bovenwijde. You will get to know all the ins and outs of Giethoorn under the supervision of a skipper / guide.

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A complete day at Giethoorn?

Want to enjoy a completely organized day at Giethoorn? Through our restaurant we can arrange this for you. View the content of this great package here.