Eating out or meal service at Restaurant 't Binnenhof

When you're on holiday, sometimes you don't feel like cooking at all. At Restaurant 't Binnenhof, the brothers Bult and their kitchen crew prepare culinary dishes. You can enjoy a delicious lunch, high tea, high wine/beer, a la carte, buffets and barbecues. They also offer an extensive breakfast service.

New: Room service
It is now also possible to order from your home. Inside the kitchen cabinet you will find a form with the QR code. Follow the instructions and you can use our dishes and services at any time of the day. If you don't quite get out, you can always call us at 0561-451414.

Activity service

The restaurant also offers fun activities to discover the Weerribben area in a fun active way.

- Canoeing and whispering in Giethoorn or Weerribben

- Stand Up Paddling clinics, tours and hour in Ossenzijl

- King of Kickbike 

- Online Bingo or Pub Quiz

- Oldemarkt Butcher

- Prison Break Paasloo

- Electric Steps/scooters

- Arrow Battle / Archery

Order now via whatsapp or by phone: 0561-452992

Also check out our nice Eetcafé Burgers & Grill in Giethoorn where you can make your own burger! 

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